Recently, Rain Noe from the online portal Core 77 posed an intriguing question:
 "What Could an Industrial Designer Create that Incorporates These Rollable Displays?" 
As stated in the article, new prototypes of rollable displays are emerging, but nobody knows if anyone actually wants them or why such screens would be useful. For example, reading comics would be much easier on wider instead of taller mobile screens.
Lenovo roll
Lenovo rollable phone

LG rollable phone

 For me, the most memorable rollable display was the LG television from 2018​​​:

LG rollable OLED TV

However, showing off with a new television is hard if it's folded inside a cabinet. So, I'm eagerly awaiting something like this.
My concept of a stretchable television with a 16:9 aspect ratio which can be stretched to 21:9, eliminating the black bars. The regular mode is ideal for watching news and TV shows, while the unrolled mode provides a great experience for enjoying movies. Photo: Metod Burgar
Strangely, despite the abundance of movies in the 21:9 format, there's almost no offering of widescreen televisions. 
(Unfortunately, Snyder Cut misses out on this again.)