“Helping R&D teams design innovative, recognizable and sustainable products.”​​​​​​​

Industrial designer Metod Burgar. Enthusiastic about high technology, but always fascinated by crafts and tradition.​​​​​​​ 
I am constantly solving design problems to improve user experience, sustainability or the production process in at least one segment. 
Metod Burgar, industrial designer
concept pencil sketching of plastic cover
For over 9 years I worked as an industrial designer at Wilsonic Design studio.
Together with a team of designers and engineers, we developed numerous award-winning products in the fields of transport, healthcare, furniture, toys and electronics, which are successfully sold at home and abroad.
I am currently working as an independent consultant and industrial designer and am open to collaborations and projects that seek to create a better future.
Data driven made-to-measure footwear
biba pedant lamp, intra lighting, industrial design, Metod Burgar
Despite the rain, the sun always shines.
lemonade stand, nektar natura, industrial design, Metod Burgar
Fresh juice every time.
woodcraft, rolling pin with colorful handles, industrial design, Metod Burgar
Contemporary woodcraft.
Sweetspot wireless sensor, fumis sweetspot, industrial design, Metod Burgar
Sweetspot - your comfort zone.


concrete Tower of Hanoi, Zevnik lab, industrial design, Metod Burgar
Concrete Tower of Hanoi.


hec industrial axial fans, Hidria,  industrial design, Metod Burgar
How to develop a product group to best communicate its design language? 
folding dining table fičko, industrial design, Metod Burgar
How to fit 12 dining tables into a car? Simple.
round bird house made of rafia, edirisa, design for fair trade, industrial design, Metod Burgar
Design, craft and fairtrade.


airpod, naping pod industrial design, Metod Burgar
Why the naping pod should not look like a sports car?


digital domestic smart meter, made of injection moulding iskraemeco, industrial design Metod Burgar
1.5 million smart meter delivered. 


mr, crocodile on a stick, wooden toy, oohnoo,  industrial design, Metod Burgar
Reinterpretation of a classic kids toy.


healthy and delicious vegan snack made of dried vegetable , ecotrophelia, industrial designer, Metod Burgar, Anja Burgar, Mojca Magnay
Is it possible to develop an innovative, healthy and delicious vegan snack with 25% fiber and 20% protein?


* designed together with Wilsonic Design team.​​​​​​​
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